Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Keep Them Brushing: Hello Kitty Firefly Light-Up Toothbrush


My daughter sometimes needs egging on brushing her teeth daily. So when I got the Hello Kitty Firefly Light-Up Toothbrush I was happy. We’ve had other designs from Firefly Light-Up Toothbrushes before so getting A Hello Kitty one (which she loves) was a bonus.

At the press of a button – it lights up and blinks for one minute. This is enough time for your child to brush. Use one minute for the bottom – and another minute for the bottom. Plus – it’s fun to close the bathroom light and see it glow! It also comes with a cap so the brush part doesn’t get all icky on the counter.

The toothbrush is for ages 3-12 and retails from $2.99-3.49.

Available at Walgreen and

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