Sunday, January 21st, 2018

BabyGiraffe: Keeping Babies Entertained


For entertaining babies – you always need a toy or some distraction while you’re busy with something. BabyGiraffe is a new product that says it’s a multi-functional sturdy and bendable arm surrounded by a baby-soft exterior designed to cater to playtime.

It can hold bottles and toys and can be attached to a high chair, stroller, and crib. Includes toy loop, sunshade, safety mirror, and bottle holder.

The only two things to keep in mind are that you can’t use all those items everywhere. Don’t use the bottle holder in a moving vehicle and never leave the baby alone with the BabyGiraffe. It’s common sense but need to be said. I think the toy loop is the best part since it will keep toys secure and not lost!

Price is reasonable at $24.95.  Also since it won’t be used for very long you don’t want to pay more for this accessory. For more info visit

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