Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Apps: Sarah Little Fairy And Grandma


Today’s app pick is Sarah Little Fairy and Grandma. This story is about a little girl Sarah who learns about Alzheimer’s disease. It’s interactive, has a great educational value and is entertaining. For ages 5-9.

The story:

Sarah and her family are getting the room ready for Grandma Mary, who is coming to live with them. She’s not very well, and everybody wants to help make her feel better. Her illness makes her forget certain things.

One day hundreds of shining stars appear in Sarah’s bedroom. Where did they come from? The fairy Mina uses them to show Sarah how to understand her Grandma’s illness, Alzheimer’s. And Sarah can use what she learns to find her Grandma and give the story a happy ending. Fun and learning for the family!

Overall: Great story and simple to follow. Also you can photograph yourself to be one of the characters (a very cute part). There’s not too much interactive parts – I wish there was.

Sanoen is a new digital publisher based in Barcelona. They did a nice job on something that many children can relate to if they know someone with the disease.

You can download it here at iTunes for $2.99.

Here’s the eBooK version available for Kindle Amazon:


One Response to “Apps: Sarah Little Fairy And Grandma”
  1. SARA says:


    I already have this app and in my opnion is highly recommended. The tale is lovely and tender and you really gets involved in the situation since the beginning. Good for children to be aware of the meaning of Alzheimer’s disease.