Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Lunchbox Ideas: EcoZip


If you want to use plastic bags why not economize? Recently I received a box of EcoZip multi-compartment bags to use. First of all, even without opening the box I liked the idea. Since I pack my son’s lunches everyday this was something I can use on days I don’t want to use cloth snack bags.

You get 2 bags in 1. On one compartment you can store a sandwich and the other snacks. You can also open the middle zipper to use as one big bag.

EcoZip says “this reduces the amount of plastic bags needed for a single lunch or
other sets of items you decide to pack and carry.”

This actually is true for me. It’s easier to use the BPA-free EcoZip bag to put in the lunchbox rather than fit in a second one. The bags are also helpful when I give the kids their snacks in the car. They don’t have to ask me to hand them something else while I’m driving.

Overall – I’m not sure EcoZip will save the planet but I do think they are handy and neat to look at.

The Snack Sandwich, Quart and Gallon boxes are $3.99 each. Find out more at

You can find them at many stores such as Stop&Shop, Hannafords, The Food Emporium, Gristedes, Kings, Woodman’s Markets and Baesler’s.


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