Thursday, January 18th, 2018

iPad App: Little Red Riding Hood


Ever since we got an iPad – the kids have been wanting to use it to read e-books and play games. That’s great since I get to find out about cool new apps. One out now is The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood.

My 3-year-old daughter had never heard of the story so it was a good introduction when I downloaded it.

Created by kids app brand Tictaptouch – this interactive story is very cute.

The App lets you tell the original story of Little Red Riding Hood or make up your own story dragging and dropping the characters of the tale into the scenes. Each scene hides hidden animations and sounds which appear when you tap over them.

The app also features a sketchbook that lets you, with your bare hands, color the characters of the story. Once you finish your drawing the app lets you export it to your device photo library to share it by email, Twitter, Facebook, ect.

The app is designed only for the iPad. Ads are free and available in 6 languages, it’s an intuitive and easy to use app.

Click this link to watch the video.

OVERALL: Both my daughter and son (age 6) like this app. The high point for them is the sketchbook feature. It’s a short story and simple…perfect for preschoolers.

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