Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Introducing Jessica Alba’s New Baby: The Honest Company


Having recently heard of Jessica Alba’s new business venture The Honest Company – I was curious to check out the products. So when I was sent a box of products from the eco-friendly line I was thrilled. First, let me tell you what the site is about first.

Alba, along with the other founders Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee and Sean Kane have launched – where you can buy family essentials offered through a monthly subscription service.

You’ll find diapers, wipes, bath/skin care, and household cleaning products all made from totally natural, non-toxic ingredients and packaged using modern designs.

The products are curated into personalized bundles that are automatically shipped every month, and parents can try a free Discovery Kit, that includes a sample pack of diapers and wipes, or trial-sized versions of the bath, skin and cleaning products. It’s an easy process, and members at can purchase a monthly supply of non-toxic stylish diapers competitively priced at less than $20 a week, and can also choose a monthly supply of the body care and home cleaning essentials for under $9 a week.

REVIEW: Okay, so the first thing I tried was the cute printed diapers to use on my daughter. She’s not potty trained yet so still has to wear them at nighttime or when she has accidents when out in stores, etc.

She wanted to wear the diaper with the ice cream pattern right away. This was going to be the true test. Can she wear the diaper without it leaking throughout the night? She happily put it on herself – sticking the tabs on the sides. The result? In the morning the diaper managed not to leak and she was kept dry!

As for the household products – I know I will use the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner (grapefruit) and the handsoap all the time.

I think The Honest Company are for parents who want the convenience of having these family essentials delivered rather than go to the store to stock up on baby things like diapers. It’s a plus that the products are non-t0xic and safe for to use. Check The Hones Company out!


2 Responses to “Introducing Jessica Alba’s New Baby: The Honest Company”
  1. alison says:

    As a chemist who worked for a beauty company before I have to say every review must be celebrity butt kissing because every shampoo and lotion has the same types of chemicals that she is supposedly so against, the houshold cleaners i give it to her are chemical free but the shampoos and soaps are not. The only difference is she tells you the simple name of many of the chemicals you see in shampoos, but they are still chemicals, and just because it came from natural sources doesn’t make it safer, a lot of extracts use more dangerous types of chemicals to extract it. I give her a thumbs down for not practicing what she preaches, and more importantly fueling this whole dumb americans versus chemists war, i don’t see her complaining about chemicals in her medications, so why does it matter if its in her shampoos?


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