Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Roux Maison Laundry Detergent…With Tea!


Tea in laundry detergent? It can happen! At first when I got the information about the products I thought it was a joke. But looking through the web site it’s not…and thank heavens it’s for real.

Tea drinkers around the globe can now unite and celebrate Sweet Tea via Roux Maison laundry detergent! Roux Maison is a new collection of eco friendly home laundry products that utilize the natural Sweet Tea ingredient to produce fabric specific detergents.  Roux Maison’s fragrances are custom blended with 100% natural essential oils that are synthetic and preservative free.  The result is a deep natural clean that individuals can feel good about bringing into their home.

Roux Maison Essential Detergent in Sweet Tea
·   Ideal for sheets, towels, and everyday laundry
·   Completely rinses out garments, never leaving any residue
·   Tough enough to get laundry items their cleanest, yet always gentle enough to keep them in their best possible condition
·   $14.99 for 16 oz bottle and $13.75 for a set of three 1 oz bottles

Roux Maison Delicate Detergent in Sweet Tea
·   Ideal for machine or hand washing all fine washables such as lingerie, hosiery, shape wear and specialty fabrics (silks, cottons, rayon and polyester, etc)
·   Engineered to break down and remove the perspiration salts, body oils, and stains common to these fragile garments, while keeping them in pristine condition
·   $15.99 for 16 oz bottle and $14.25 for a set of three 1 oz bottles

Roux Maison Sport Detergent in Sweet Tea
·   Eliminates the dirt, odor and bacteria that can thrive in the dirtiest and sweatiest technical and workout gear
·   Works to maintain the elasticity of lycra, spandex and high performance fabrics so they won’t stretch unnecessarily or prematurely deteriorate
·   With use of the formula, waterproofing qualities stay intact and continue to breathe and wick away moisture as intended
·   $16.99 for 16 oz bottle

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  1. Aron Thwaites says:

    Essential oils are great specially if you want to treat some allergies on your body. Essential oils are also great for massage because it is very soothing. `””‘: