Sunday, January 21st, 2018

NapPak: The All-In-One Pillow Comforter


I  recently received the best present a mom (and little girl) could ever have. A NapPak! This washable all-in-one pillow, comforter has an attached fleece blanket and is designed just for kids who take naps.

However, my daughter is using it in her bed. Since lately she had been feeling cold during the night, this was a great solution.

When she’s tucked away in her NapPak she has that extra fleece layer over her. Over that I place her bed blankets. As a result she’s been sleeping all through the night. Also, the NapPak prevents her from falling out of bed.

This is an amazing product and so useful. Imagine your child having the coolest “sleeping bag” at daycare.

The bonus is that you can have the blanket monogrammed in block letters or script. The NapPak is 54” Tall x 24” Wide and is made of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. When you’re not using it, just roll it up with the Velcro closures.

Designs include Play Ball, Noah’s Ark, Cowboys and Indians, , Lil’ Princess and Under The Sea (shown here).

Price is $49.99. Visit

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