Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Give Your Stroller Some Buggy Love


Have a dirty stroller? Want to give it some love? Buggy Love is a company that sells organic cleaning products. Now this…I haven’t seen before.

The Buggylove Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit is cutely packaged. In it you’ll find

FreshLOVE – 8 refreshing ounces of rosehip scented all over freshening spray PolishLOVE – 8 delicious ounces of tangerine scented frame and wheel polish FabricLOVE – 4 tangy ounces of clementine scented spot remover
WheelLOVE1 ounce of all natural, pure listening pleasure – no more squeaks and squeals! Plus a re-usable carry-all bag, tampico scrub brush and reclaimed microfiber cloth!

Price: $49.99

Of course you can buy the products individually.

For example the WheelLOVE is $11.99 which I think is reasonable, considering you can use this on a regular basis.

For fans you can buy a bodysuit ($19) with the logo on it. Sizes go up to 18 months.

Personally, I recommend the kit as a baby shower gift. It’s different and something every new parent can use.

Plus, how can you resist the cool looking packaging?



One Response to “Give Your Stroller Some Buggy Love”
  1. This looks interesting……Not sure I completely get it. But I’d love to try it if I saw it in a store first!