Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Free App: WebMD Baby (for parents who want all the info all the time)


For years I’ve referred to to look up health topics. I always found the site to be user-friendly. Now they’ve expanded to create the WebMD Baby app. It’s free for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Parents of infants and toddlers can access pediatrician-approved baby health and wellness information anywhere, anytime. WebMD Baby content was created exclusively for the app and is personalized for a baby’s specific age, helping to ensure new parents are one step ahead of their baby’s growth and development (If you’re child is older than 2 than you don’t need to download this)

Here’s what the app provides:

Personalized and pediatrician-approved health and wellness information for baby and toddler to keep new parents one step ahead of their baby’s growth and development, anywhere and anytime and enables more informed pediatrician visits. For babies 0-1, a new health and wellness tip is sent to the app every day, as well as more in-depth content every week. For babies and toddlers ages 1-2, information relevant to their age is sent to the app monthly. WebMD’s tips and information on the app can be easily shared through email, Facebook or Twitter.

Streamlined search capabilities that help parents find immediate, trusted answers to their baby health and wellness questions with physician-reviewed answers. Information is organized by easy-to -understand topics (feeding and nutrition, growth and development, vaccines) and by the baby’s age, simplifying a parent’s search for trusted answers to immediate baby health and wellness questions.

Baby routine and record keeper that gives parents and caregivers a snapshot of baby’s health and wellness by allowing them to easily record and share baby’s routine (feeds, diaper changes, sleep). A personal growth chart for baby/toddler is also integrated into the app allowing information to be easily added right from the pediatrician’s office.

Baby book feature that allows parents to capture baby’s memorable moments including baby’s “firsts” with videos or photos taken on the spot or pulled from their iPhone library. Baby book memories can be shared with family and friends through email or Facebook as they happen.

Overall: I downloaded it onto my iTouch and customized it for my child. However, since she’s older than two the app didn’t pertain to me. However I can see a new mom loving it. Who wouldn’t want all that info right at their fingertips? For kids and adults just use the WebMd app. It’s also free.


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    Not for Android?