Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Books: Bonus Mom (Taking The Step Out Of Stepmom)


For young children of divorce Bonus MomTaking The Step Out Of Stepmom is a nice story that may help with dealing with emotions. It might warm your heart. At least it did mine. Written by Tami Butcher, who based the book on her own life, it tells the tale of a young girl who goes through the experience of her parents divorcing, her dad moving out, and him remarrying.

At first the separation is easy – she and her siblings get to spend every other weekend with dad and enjoy celebrating double holidays. When he eventually gets a new girlfriend they notice she’s different than mom. The girl ends up knowing her and liking her and when they marry, they even ask her to sing at the wedding. Even their mom approves of the new bride.

I especially like what the dad says at the end to his daughter.

We are all so lucky to double our love
Someone is watching from way up above
And at the end of the day
If you think it all through
Bonus moms, Bonus dads
Means more love for you!

The Bonus Mom sends a very positive. It’s very different and might be a good gift to a little one dealing with divorce. The book is $16.95

(Photo of Tami, Candace and her Bonus Mom)

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