Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Rooware: Tableware Made From Plants!


We just got two new products from Rooware for my daughter – the Rooplate and Rootensils. Upon reading the description on the packaging I was impressed immediately. It reads “fun tableware made from plants”. That means There are no petroleum or toxic chemicals made to produce their plastic. Plus, it’s different and excellent for your child and the environment. Oh and I have to add they are made in the USA.

There are four characters in the designs: Lexi, Kai, Jazi, and Zach. I like their looks…not too cutesy and appealing for the older kids too.

The Rooplate is awesome. It features a removable divider bowl which is great for separating foods. My daughter wanted to use it right away. Since she’s such a snacker, I let her use it to hold her fruits and crackers.

I really like the colors and the characters and feel that they are inviting to use. The Rootensils comes with a spoon and fork and are perfect for little ones as they are normal sized but usable. No worries on poking eyes with these.

Prices: Roobowls $12.95, Rootensils $6.95, and the Rooware 16.95.

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