Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

New Shopping App: PriceBlink Add-On


I’ve been looking (and using) shopping comparison sites for over a year now. Another good one is PriceBlink. They are a family-run company and was created to save time and money. They just released the PriceBlink add-on.

The PriceBlink add-on is like a portable comparison shopping tool, notifying you if the product you are browsing is available for a lower price from another retailer, or if there are coupons available from the retailer you are shopping on.

(This could be useful since you don’t want to open a lot of windows to check out multiple store sites.)

PriceBlink makes money through affiliate programs and the user must click for the affiliate link to be generated. You have literally thousands of options (the top five sites that PriceBlink’s users go to are Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and Walmart), making smart shopping even easier. Plus, many sites have exclusive coupons through PriceBlink.

The add-on is free and is available on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. You can also get the free iPad app.

Hey, if it’s free why not try it out?

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