Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Sustainable & Modern: The Puzzle House


Now here’s a contemporary take on playing house.

Modern Playhouse has teamed up with Industrial designer Svend Nielsen to create the Puzzle House. This little beauty has a small footprint, requires no tools for assembly, and can be set up for the day, inside or out, to then be stored easily in a closet, storage space, or even under the bed.

Safe, easy to assemble, and durable design handmade in the USA with certified sustainable and domestically sourced maple apple-ply.  This product is handcrafted with care in Minnesota.

3.5’w x 3.2’d x 4’h
100 lbs
color natural maple
five pre-assembled panels ship flat pack
easy 10min no tool assembly

Retail price is $650.

The fact that it’s made in the USA is just as important as the functionality of this playhouse. Wondering how long this can stay crayon and marker free?

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