Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set


With a home full of toys, you would think we had a product from Playmobil. We didn’t…until now. The fine people at Growing Tree Toys sent me the Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set. Well, I say me because even though it’s for my son, I really wanted to check it out.

With imagination, children can pretend to out maneuver cops and escape with play money. You have to assemble it but my kids like to look at the process of putting it all together. What you get is the water and land vehicle that actually floats, a robber figure, crowbar, shotgun, 2 cases stolen from “Bank Central” and Euro-style play money. It’s compatible with the Playmobil Underwater Motor, sold separately.

I like the design, the simplicity and happy to know that this is the only type of toy I would let my kids play with a pretend gun (it’s so little and not realistic). Playing cops and robbers is an age-old game and it’s a nice change for my son to have a new outlook than the normal train and car racing activities. I like that the Playmobil people can actually hold money, etc. I also like that it’s pretty durable. Lots of crashing into walls won’t hurt it!

It retails for $21.95 at Growing Tree Toys. Visit them and see what fantastic toys they have for all ages.

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