Sunday, January 21st, 2018

New Apps From Dada Company: Off To Bed! & I Learn From Transportation


I bring to you two new apps from Dada Company, a new and independent publisher specialized in editing and producing digital content geared for young audiences from 0 to 14 years old.

Go To Bed is their first interactive lullaby app and can I say, it’s a very soothing experience. The illustrator Màriam Ben-Arab has made appealing graphics to this ebook.

The reader  helps the character to bed by gliding a finger over the screen; and as they do so, they see that their own bed-time is here too. Touch the mobile, the boy in bed, the bear…and watch as your child’s face lights up.

All of this is accompanied by a completely original and sweet interactive soundtrack, which flows with the rhythm of the narration. Off to Bed! is very mellow and a perfect bedtime read.

I recommend this for a child under 4 since it’s very simple to interact with. My daughter, 3, enjoys each “page” and I have had her read through it in the evenings before  bedtime. You do have the option of activating/deactiving the music, voiceover, and automatic turn page mode.

$2.99 at itunes.

I Learn With Transportation is a cool app with very cute people and vehicles moving around. My son, 5, really likes this one as he is a fan of anything on wheels. This app is educational and interactive.

Make a car beep, a plane soar, learn the shapes, colors and count. Very good for a very young child learning the basics. The music is catchy and  the illustrations and animations are work conducted by Sergio Alfonso “Animatomic”, a professional with an extensive career and wide recognition in the field of interactive animation.

This app also gives an introduction to Spanish. The app includes two languages (Spanish and English) that are interchangeable by the user via the adjustments menu. Children will be able to discover or reinforce their first words in both languages. I have been encouraging my 3-year-old to play this app often. Great for building coordination.

$2.99 at itunes.

OVERALL: The only criticism I have with these apps is this.  Between each “page” you have to look at a loading screen. It’s not long but I just wish it was instantaneous to go between frames like all the other apps on our iPad and iTouch.


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