Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Juno Baby: The Day The Music Stopped


Do you know about Juno Baby? They have a line of products that bring the joy of music to children. Me and my daughter are big fans and have their DVDs, CDs and now book! With the DVDs,  a cast of lovable puppets created by the talented hands behind some of your favorite Muppet and Sesame Street characters will entertain children with the original music composed for and performed by live orchestral musicians.

The hardcover book, The Day The Music Stopped, also features Juno and her friends Rai Rai, Bunny, Buzz and Indie. The story tells of the gang being introduced to listen to Murphy’s new invention the “Shush Machine”. When Bunny presses the red button on the machine and silences the entire town of Harmonia Springs, chaos breaks out! Read along as the gang gets music back into their world again.

OVERALL: This book is not a short read, it’s very lengthy in my opinion, especially for a preschooler. However, I do like that the company has started to develop books and look forward to see what else they have in store. Now take advantage of this special offer!

In the spirit of the holiday season, The Juno Company is offering a special price reduction for those fans that go to Facebook and ‘like’ us, they will be able to purchase this beautiful book – The Day the Music Stopped for the low price of $9.99** on the SHOP NOW tab. (Available for purchase on Facebook for a limited time. Click here to like them now!

Like all Juno Company products, the Juno Jr. line is part of the One For All Program. For every Juno product purchased, the company donates a very special music education DVD to a child in need.  With the strong belief that beautiful music enriches lives, and the importance of instilling the value of giving to those less fortunate, The Juno Company has partnered with the National Head Start Association with the mission to bring beautiful, orchestral music to children in the U.S., with ultimate goal of giving 1 million DVDs to children in need.

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