Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Build Big With Small Blocks: Nanoblocks


Now here’s the smallest building blocks I’ve ever seen. It’s Nanoblock, distributed by the Ohio Art Company. Build and construct famous landmarks, instruments and animals. Warning: You need patience for this toy.

Nanoblocks employ a patented double feather design to lock pieces firmly together. Each set includes 150 to more than 500 pieces.

I gave the Taj Mahal blocks for my 5-year-old to play with. He’s very good with design but found it a little challenging to follow the instructions. That said, he might appreciate it when he’s a bit older. This is not for children who put things in their mouths. The blocks are really, really tiny, so much so it was hard to keep anything in check while we were trying to construct.

If you want to check them out, visit and go to their Facebook page.

Buy at Toys ‘R’ Us in the Mini-Series collection and Sites-to-See collection.

Overall: This is a time consuming activity so make sure you’re not building when its windy outside and make sure you have a stable place indoors.

Example: Build the Mont Saint-Michel

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