Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Savings On Zyrtec: Print Out $4 Coupon!


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This past Spring I was getting a checkup from my doctor when she looked into the back of my throat and told me I had allergies. I was surprised. Well, not really. My husband had been complaining that I was coughing a lot in my sleep and throughout the day. I hadn’t noticed but said I would see the doctor about it.

She recommended to me Zyrtec. Since I hadn’t heard of it before I asked her to spell it out. When I went to Walmart I saw their products prominently on the shelf. I realized that I did recognize the packaging but just never looked closely to read what it was called.

There are different varieties available and either come in liquid gels and tablets. I prefer the liquid gel type.

I didn’t think about allergies for the rest of the year until I was contacted to write about Zyrtec today. When I mentioned it to my husband he commented that it was a good brand because he had used it when we lived in Florida. He said Zyrtec cleared up his allergies right away. So there you go! I’ve already printed the $4 coupon offered on the Walmart website.

How about you?

Does anyone in your family have allergies? Zyrtec is offering a great coupon that would work perfectly for a family! Make sure you stock up on Zyrtec at Walmart with a $4 off coupon for the 40-ct or higher pack! Check out the Allergy section in the Health and Wellness center of to learn some tips and tricks for dealing with allergies this Fall.

$4 is like free money so use it by the end of November.

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