Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

LetzTalk: Communicate With The Caremail Mailbox


Here’s a “game” which has kept my children quiet and entertained recently. It’s Caremail Mailbox designed by Letz Talk ($19.99). The creator is Dee Dee Fanning who wanted a way for kids and teens to open up and express their thoughts. Caremail Mailbox comes in age-appropriate cards, some with sayings and some that are blank to allow for creative, personal thoughts. The aim is to boost self-esteem, growth and build confidence.

When I opened up the Caremail Mailbox set my children, ages 3 and 5, they got very excited. I was doubtful at first on whether reading questions to each other would keep their attention but I’m glad I was wrong. In fact, they were really into it, listening and trying to read the cards. The set includes a white mailbox, 40 pre-printed cards, 10 delivery envelopes, 10 blank cards and 10 write on cards. I had the three of us sitting on the floor with everything laid out and we all took turns to stuff envelopes, place them in the mailbox and read and answer the questions together.

One question in particularly was very eye-opening. It went something like, “Would you rather have your parents spend time with your or buy you presents?”

My son answered that he wanted to spend more time with us. That was the moment I knew that Caremail is an effective and communicative tool. After we read through some of the cards, I let the children use the magnets ($3.99) to decorate the mailbox. That kept them quiet for awhile!

Overall: I think this is a unique activity to share with family, friends, and school teachers. Kids and teens really want to be heard and what an inventive way to do it than with this product.

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