Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Learning With Curious George Workbooks


Here are some fun and educational workbooks that blend with online games for the kids. The Learning Company, a division of global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, has launched a new series of creatively designed workbooks featuring the time-honored and beloved characters Curious George and Reader Rabbit.

The series includes eight 64-page workbooks designed to help preschool to first-grade students with handwriting, early reading skills, and math concepts in the new method of educating young people today: blending traditional pencil-and-paper skill-building activities with technology to build excitement about learning.

The series provides more than 200 colorful, engaging activities. Each workbook can be registered online, offering a collection of free digital games in addition to a downloadable version of the book that parents can access and print at their convenience. At the completion of the workbook, children can download a special certificate to honor their good work.

My son, who is in kindergarten, was eager to do the activities in the Curious George workbook. He was interested in each page and followed the directions himself. They’re very similar to what he’s learning in his classroom now.

Overall: Great practice for the kids who like to do school work. Also incorporating it with the computer is a clever way of getting them more interested.

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