Sunday, January 21st, 2018

milkmakers lactation cookies are now organic


Breastfeeding moms everywhere, there’s a milkmakers lactation cookie to help boost your milk supply! Milkmakers, a Seattle-based baking company that makes lactation cookies to support nursing moms, is announcing their original, chocolate chip oatmeal milkmakers cookie is now organic.

In addition to the organic chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, milkmakers offers a dairy-free oatmeal raisin cookie for nursing mothers who avoid dairy products. Both varieties of milkmakers cookies contain key ingredients, including oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seed, which have been shown to provide nutrients that benefit the health of both nursing mothers and their babies.  The essential fatty acids available in milkmakers cookies give moms the B-complex vitamins that aid with mood stability; fiber to help with regular digestion; protein to aid with muscle re-strengthening; and iron to replenish possible iron depletion from pregnancy. Babies that drink the breastmilk of moms with these nutrients benefit from the omega-3 fatty acids for their own brain development, as well as the protein and fat necessary for growth.

Milkmakers suggests that Moms eat 1 to 2 cookies per day to reap their full benefits.  The cookies can be stored in the freezer to maintain freshness; they soften up after just a few minutes of being taken out to thaw.

All varieties of milkmakers cookies are also available at for $44 for a one month supply (3 packages of 10 cookies each). The organic chocolate chip oatmeal milkmakers cookies will be available for purchase starting in October 2011.

“We want only the best for moms and babies,” says Emily Kane, founder and owner of milkmakers. “The organic milkmakers are cookies that you can feel as good about eating, and serving to your family, as if it came out of your own kitchen. But it’s better, because you didn’t have to spend the time making them!”

OVERALL: Great idea! I’m expecting samples soon so can’t wait to try them (even though I am not expecting). Who can say no to eating cookies when you’re pregnant!

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