Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Breastfeeding moms everywhere, there’s a milkmakers lactation cookie to help boost your milk supply! Milkmakers, a Seattle-based baking company that makes lactation cookies to support nursing moms, is announcing their original, chocolate chip oatmeal milkmakers cookie is now organic. In addition to the organic chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, milkmakers offers a dairy-free oatmeal raisin cookie […]

I haven’t written about Bright Starts in awhile so here goes! The brand has just introduced the InGenuity Collection in the new Shiloh Fashion. The Collection boasts the latest innovations in technology for baby with on-trend styling and plush fabrics in a gentle green for mom. From a bouncer that bounces by itself, to a […]

Love the look of the new Carter’s At Home Collection. This is a special online only collection of bedding, furniture and accessories. Shown here is the Safari Brights Collection for a girl. Pink, orange and lime colored elephants and turtles are the theme. Here are some of their prices below!

Pediped’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection is now out! There are 80 new styles and color combos available now across their signature lines: Originals, Grip ‘n’ Go and Flex. They are one of my favorite children’s shoes brand. What’s great is that they added larger sizes in some styles. Read about their styles below and “Like” Pediped […]

This really cool packaged bottle is a new liquid detergent! Created by environmentally friendly laundry detergent company Eco Nuts, it consists only three powerful natural ingredients that eliminate the need for fabric softener and dryer sheets. Eco Nuts is good for those with sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. The hypoallergenic detergent has also been celebrated […]

I know adjusting to back-to-school for some parents can be a little stressful. Eight O’Clock Coffee has put together four Back-To-School Survival tips to help make your mornings and weeks more organized. “Back-to-School Survival Tips” from Eight O’Clock Coffee TIP 1: Become Your Own Brewista – Save time, money and gas this back-to-school season by […]

Moms, we all need pampering. One skin care line that I recommend is Mama Mio. Their new Clean Slate is a high protein rich cleanser that will rejuvenate your face. I’ve been using it for a week and love the smell and the results so far. Clean Slate is designed to cleanse while firming, balancing […]