Sunday, February 18th, 2018

My Blue Bumbershoot: The Stroller Chauffeur


Now here’s an invention that can be very useful if you’re caught in the rain while strolling with your child. My Blue Bumbershoot is a hands-free stroller umbrella created by two city moms.

I think it’s a great idea, especially if you do live in a city and go everywhere by stroller. I like that the umbrella is clear, so you don’t crash into pedestrians. I also like the size of it…good coverage! It’s simple to open up. All you do is twist the knob and clamp it on. To stow it, just loosen the knob and turn downward or diagonally.

However, it does not fit on all strollers. I tried to attach the Bumbershoot onto our umbrella stroller and it did not work at all. It did work with the jogging stroller though.

That said, My Blue Bumbershoot is still a great idea. A much needed accessory for the urban family and anyone else who lives in a very rainy place! Also, if you don’t mind bringing along a big umbrella on walks it’s for you. Retail price is $49.99 and can be bought at

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