Monday, December 18th, 2017

Colorful! Verbatim Store ‘n ‘Go Clip-It USB Drives


Colorful USB thumb drives from Clip-It have arrived! Small but packed with enough  memory to hold hundreds of documents, songs and photos (or even thousands depending on which size you choose) – perfect for keeping school assignments organized and storing memories with friends.

I think these are convenient! I have many USB Drives but none of them you can clip onto things.

Verbatim: Store ‘n’ Go® Clip-It USB Drive

Award-winning multi-functional paperclip USB drive comes in 5 stylish colors

•    Combines the speed and simplicity of flash storage with the usability of a paperclip
•    SIP (System In Package) Technology packs more data in less space
•    Resistant to dust, water, dirt and static discharges
•    Red Dot Award Winner
•    Available in 4GB storage capacity
•    Available in Blue, Orange, Green, Pink and Black
•    Limited lifetime warranty

Available at:
Prices: $22.99 (1-pack); $59.99 (3-pack)

Verbatim: TUFF-‘N’-TINY™ USB Drive
Ultra-portable, ultra-rugged USB drive resistant to water, dust and static discharge

•    SIP (System In Package) Technology packs more data in less space
•    Handy lanyard keeps USB conveniently on key chains
•    Password protection software included
•    Available in 2GB – 32GB storage capacities
•    Available in Red, Orange, Green, Purple and Black
•    Lifetime limited warranty

Available at: (Now)
Prices: $12.99 (2GB); $22.99 (4GB); $42.99 (8GB); $82.99 (16GB); $142.99 (32GB)

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