Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Books: World Of Fish


For the child interested in learning about the Earth’s environment and the fishing industry today’s book is World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky.

WORLD WITHOUT FISH is a family book—Mark’s 10-year-old daughter and fishing companion, Talia, vetted each chapter to ensure that it would be equally enjoyable to children and adults—that explains how and why the fish we commonly eat and see in aquariums could become extinct within 50 years, and what we can do to prevent that from happening. This important book is:

—A seafood lover’s guide to safe and sustainable menu options and where to find them
—The cool children’s pick of the season that includes an 11-page full-color comic interwoven
throughout the book
—A great teaching tool for parents and educators
—A timely look at the impact of oil spills on the ocean environment (the anniversary of the Gulf
Oil Spill is 4/20, two days after publication)
—An engaging history of fishing
—An inspiring, user-friendly handbook filled with things we all can do to help save fish
—A fascinating crash course on the state of our oceans

Overall: This book is definitely interesting but for the child that loves to read. It’s mostly text so don’t expect colorful illustrations. Retail price is $16.95.

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