Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Get Ready For Camp: I.D. Me Labels


It’s camp time again and you’ll need labels to put on your child’s belongings. ID Me Labels has a wide selection of designs and fonts to choose from. There’s labels for binkys, sippy cups, shoes, as well as allergy labels (yes, you can even get no shellfish stickers!)

I ordered The Sole Mate and Clothing labels for my son. Small, round and colorful, the shoe labels are perfect for keeping track of footwear. The clothing labels are plain white with black text. For the purpose, the personalized labels are simple to read for a camp counselor or childcare provider. I do wonder why ID Me Labels haven’t made these colorful though. Nonetheless the most important part of these labels is that they do stick and stay on.

Now here’s more info on the Ultimate Camp Labels Pack!

I.D. Me Camp Labels Pack Includes:
•    12 Large Round Labels – waterproof labels for thermoses, water-bottles, lunch containers
•    12 Rectangle Labels – waterproof labels for electronics, toiletries, sporting goods
•    21 Streamline Labels – waterproof labels for sunglasses, toothbrushes
•    16 Small Round Labels – waterproof labels for games, gadgets, cell phones
•    20 Laundry Safe Clothing Labels – peel and stick on clothing name tags
•    8 Shoe Labels – waterproof and laminated labels to prevent fading
•    2 Bag Tags

Price is $43.00.

Check them out for yourselve and visit

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