Friday, January 19th, 2018

Kids Sandals From Merrell


Can I say how much I like Merrell shoes? I have a pair of their hiking boots that I bought in New Zealand and they have lasted me for the past 9 years! So to have my kids have shoes from
Merrell is a plus.

Since Summer is coming I really need the kids to have good quality sandals to run around in. So I got these two pairs from Merrell. These shoes are comfy and are durable. Too bad their little feet won’t stay in them longer!

The Bliss Sandal Junior above ($40) for girls will protect the upper foot (made of leather) with its hook-and-loop closure system. It also has straps with soft mesh lining and nice air cushion at the heel.

The Waterpro Jack Kids ($50) for boys is made to get wet. The anti-microbial upper is padded and the whole shoe is made of quick-dry materials. The whole sandal is flexible and there’s air cushioning at the heel as well.

I like that the shoes are easy for the kids to put on themselves and that they are practical. All the Merrell kids shoes are sporty and will provide style at the same time. Oh and p.s….I also like their Barefoot Collection for adults.

Visit the Merrell website and see what they have in store for the Spring/Summer season.

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