Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Books: Beautiful Blue Eyes


Beautiful Blue Eyes is the follow up to Marianne Richmond’s Beautiful Brown Eyes. A large hardcover book, inside you’ll find soft watercolor drawings and rhyming prose.

“I watched, and I waited
as your eyes chose their hue,
deciding in time
on their beautiful blue.

Blue as a butterfly
or the sparkling sea.
Blue as the bluebird
who sings in her tree.”

Reading it, I feel it has a relaxing rhythm. But it somehow leaves me melancholy. It’s designed for a parent to be the reader with an insight into emotions. For example, “And when tears fall down your blues tell too, of disappointment or worry about some thing or some who.”

The only really criticism I have is the use of the word “blah”. I don’t like that word and feel it shouldn’t be taught in a children’s book. My son, 5, isn’t too fond of the book either. He says “it’s boring”. That said, that doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to other children who might enjoy it.

Beautiful Blue Eyes is published by Sourcebooks  and retails for $15.99. It comes out in April 2011.


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