Friday, December 15th, 2017

Travel On The Go With Diaper Buds


Don’t want to carry a lot when out with your baby? Well, there’s Diaper Buds.

Diaper Buds are individually wrapped, vacuum-packed disposable baby diapers for on-the-go. These are sized pretty small, so can fit in a diaper clutch, a glove compartment or even in your jacket pocket. Opening one up is easy and  does unfold into a full-sized diaper. It’s absorbable and is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. They’re not the quality of the best brands around but they are suitable enough for those emergency changes.

I think these would be good to have around when you’re traveling on plane. For me, there were times when I purposely only packed a few diapers because I didn’t have any room in my diaper bag because of all the other baby stuff I had to lug around on the trip.

The retail prices for the Diaper Buds are $5.99 for a small multipack and $17.99 for a large multipack. I would recommend these as a useful baby shower gift.

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