Monday, December 18th, 2017

Luxurious Baby Blankets & More At Little Giraffe


It’s nice to have luxurious things for your baby and one company that provides that is  Little Giraffe. They sell exclusive children’s accessories most sought after by celebrities. In fact, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem just welcomed their son with Little Giraffe’s luxe blanket, blanky, hooded bath towel, and a set of burpies.

I have the Confetti Satin Towel ($42) which I love.  It’s made of thick, absorbent cotton and has cute ears on the hood. It comes in Confetti Satin Blue, Celadon, Onyx, Pink and Raspberry. Surrounded by chenille trim, this is a high quality bath item that is a must for a baby shower gift.

Other celebrities that are fans of Little Giraffe are  Mario Lopez, who decorated his daughter Gia’s nursery with their items (see photo above) and Rebecca Gayheart, who was spotted with her baby Billie last September carrying the company’s Mocha baby blanket.

Visit littlegiraffe,com and see for yourself.


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