Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Geotrax Transportation System Christmas in Toy Town RC Set


I recently got to play with the new Geotrax Transportation System Christmas in Toy Town RC Set from Fisher Price.  It’s a radio-controlled train set designed for children 2-7 years. What you get are four holiday songs that play out at the rail station and bridge as well as a train, skating pond and a couple of street lamps that also light up too.

There are little signs, decorations and two little Santas to add to the decoration. I have to say putting it together is easy but in all, it’s not a very impressive train set. The reason is that it’s cheaply made. You have to really press down on the tracks so they fit together. This is something a child of 4 and up can do. I have no doubt little kids will love it though because they get to move the train on their own and the lights and sounds are fun to put on in the dark.

This is a seasonal toy that you can put near the Christmas tree as decoration and it clearly demonstrates that in pictures on the box.

When I found out that this is $130 I almost choked on my candy cane. Perhaps I was expecting more from Geotrax since this is the first toy from the company I ever played with. The animated video of this train set is on the Fisher Price website.

PRO: Great lights and sounds

CON: Tracks are not as easy to put together. You need some hand muscle. Also, cheap looking.

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