Friday, January 19th, 2018

Whole Foods Market Launches New & Improved Diaper Line


Whole Foods Market has launched a new version of the 365 Everyday Value Baby Diaper line. Now, each package has more diapers and cost $2 less at a retail price of $9.99.

The new line will continue to perform the essential diaper duties:

1.       Protect against leaks.

Yes! This is true. I used all the diapers this week on my 2-year-old and she had complete coverage. She even slept in them all night and still, no leakage.

2.       Baby bum preservation.  365 Everyday Value Baby Diapers are made with chlorine free materials, are hypo-allergenic, latex free, and contain no perfumes or dyes making them a safer, healthier choice for your tot- and the environment.

True! No rashes while wearing these diapers. Plus, I like the simple look of plain white diapers.

3.       Minimize environmental impact. These diapers are made from wood pulp fluff sourced from family-owned, sustainably managed forests and with significantly less material than traditional plastic diapers. Because they are chlorine, dye and latex free, these diapers are not only less likely to irritate your baby’s skin; they are less harmful to our soil and thus a more sustainable choice for on-the-go eco-conscious moms everywhere.

Overall, I was happy with using this product. It’s also nice to know you can be a green parent.

You can buy these at Whole Foods Market.


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