Thursday, January 18th, 2018

The Tomica Mega Station Hypercity Set Is Mega Cool


I have always been a giant fan of Japanese toys particularly to the  attention to detail they seem to install into every product. Legendary toy firm Tomy, have developed the Tomica range of expandable play sets and accessories. I just can not accentuate how exciting these toys are for both little boys and their dads!

The Tomica Mega Station Hypercity Set shown here includes both trains and cars.  Initial assembly is a little bit of a pain but sure worth the investment. It took me over an hour to peel off the detail stickers and place them appropriately onto the set pieces. Assembling the track according to the track plan takes all of 5 minutes and then you’re ready for the action.

Watching this toy go is fascinating. The battery operated train can be stopped and started manually at two places on the set including the downtown station. Two cars are included with the set and they get rotated to the top of the ramp with the paddle arms on the office building. They then roll down the ramp to be stopped at the level crossing gates. When the train has safely passed, the barrier lifts and the cars can cross the rail track. There are lots of lights and sounds and I have to say this toy is captivating. It can be operated in manual or automatic mode from the small control panel on the bottom right corner.

There are many accessories and other sets available in the Tomica range. The only thing stopping your layout expansion is your house size and your bank balance. These are high quality toys and are intended for kids 4 and up.  This awesome play set comes with a top recommendation from us. If you’re looking to be favorite dad this festive season then this is the way to go ! It’s available from Toys’R’Us and will set you back $79.99. Check out the other neat products in the Tomica range too.

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  1. my son would love this…like we need more toys!