Friday, December 15th, 2017

Little, Plush & Cute: Calico Critters


Toys “R” Us generously sent us samples of the Calico Critters range to review. Now if you haven’t come across this range of miniature cuddly animal figures before, then prepare to be surprised. This impressive product line is simply huge and everything from dolls houses to play sets and complete animal families are available.

The Hopscotch Rabbit family shown above comes with ma, pa, brother and sister. The product packaging gives a description of each character and the role they play in the fictional village of Cloverleaf Corner where all the Critters reside. The arms, legs and heads of the figures are adjustable so your little one can present them in a multitude of poses.

Cute hedgehog and adorable squirrel sets are also available and represent just a fraction of the other family line ups. The other play set featured here is the Carriage Ride style which features bunny twins Connor and Kerri Rabbit. Critters are intended for little girls aged 3 and up and they have been engineered to intertwine playtime with traditional family values. With so many items to collect, choosing future birthday and Christmas presents should be a simple affair.

We really like the whole Critter concept and we’re sure it’ll lead to happiness and maybe that holy grail of parental desire, quietness! The play sets are not super cheap and they seem to hover around the $20 mark. Buildings range from $50 tags to well over $200 for the larger houses. Critter products can be purchased at Toys “R” Us.


One Response to “Little, Plush & Cute: Calico Critters”
  1. Jill says:

    I love these! I saw these for the first time at FAO Schwartz this past summer and they are all so adorable!