Friday, December 15th, 2017

Grab Your Baby And Go With The Amy Michelle Poppy Clutch


I just got an Amy Michelle’s Poppy Clutch and I’m telling you, I’m going to be using it. Stylish enough to use on a night out and functional enough to take out with baby, this clutch has all the pockets you need for carrying diaper necessities and make-up.

On the outside it’s faux patent, so easy to wipe down if there’s any spills or messes on it. There are 4 color patterns in all: black, green, red and eggplant. Each has a different color lining inside.

There’s a zipper on the front too. Good call from Amy Michelle, as you need a pocket to hold car keys. Who wants to fumble around with a bag when you’re carrying your little one? Included is a washable changing pad, a key ring, and two small compartments. There’s also a wrist strap that attaches to the stroller.

This isn’t a big bag, although you can have it as an opened or closed clutch. It can really just hold a small pack of wipes and a couple of diapers without making the clutch look bulky. You get a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

The Poppy Clutch is $49.95. I was surprised to find out it was this much. However, keep in mind that Amy Michelle has created itself as an elegant line of baby bags. Check out all the styles at

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