Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Review & Promo Code Giveaway: My Very First App


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Do you love Eric Carle like I do? Well Night & Day Studios has partnered with Chorion to produce a series of educational apps for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary age children based on his books.

I got to try out the new My Very First App, and was instantly familiar with the pictures since we have Carle’s My Very First Book of Colors.

In the app there are 3 levels of game play: Easy (ages 1- 3), Medium (ages 2-5) and Hard (ages 3-6). In Easy mode the screen is divided in half—just like the original books—and the child can swipe the lower and upper halves to find a match (for example, the color yellow with a picture of lemons).

This game is good. It’s just like My Very First Book of Colors and easy to play with.

The Medium and Hard modes are based on the game of Memory; children are presented with a set of cards face down and must find a match by flipping over cards and finding their matches or related concepts.

Again, a simple game and easy to play with too.

However, there are two frustrating features. You have to tap and hold to get out of the games as well as when you’re choosing the game level. This a toddler can’t do since even I was having trouble with it! Also, the “button” to change the set of colors doesn’t even work. All it did was keep leading me to the other apps that you have to pay for at $.99.

This brings me to tell you about the additional apps offered: Animal Sounds, Shapes, Food, and Numbers (all for $.99 each). Oh and they’re also adding Words, Motion, and Animal Homes later on.

Overall, the app needs some improvement but a great idea for little Eric Carle fans.It’s now available through iTunes for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


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  1. Asianmommy says:

    How cute! My kids would love this.