Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Fight Congestion With Sinucleanse Kids Mist


I never thought of nasal washing as a treatment to fight colds but then I never saw a product like Sinucleanse Kids Mist before.

The purpose is to fight congestion and sinus pain by simply spraying mist near the child’s nose. In the package you get a bottle with an easy-to-aim nozzle that dispenses a pre-measured dose of saline solution. You do not need to insert this the nostril. It also has an anti-backwash valve to prevent contamination and is dishwasher safe so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.

I haven’t used this yet because the kids haven’t been sick but it will be kept in my kitchen cabinet just in case.

Kids Mist comes with pre-measured doses of 100% natural, preservative free saline solution containing no Benzalkonium Chloride. It retails for $11.99 and includes a three week supply of saline solution  and is available at leading drug stores and health food retailers nationwide or online at


One Response to “Fight Congestion With Sinucleanse Kids Mist”
  1. Jill says:

    Thank you! My aunt was just telling me about this but couldn’t remember what it was called and my baby is a ‘little snort’ we say because he’s always slightly congested. We are definitely going to get this.