Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food


I like that there are more companies cropping up to deliver healthier options for babies. I used to make my own baby food but for parents out there who are too busy to constantly create the meals themselves, there’s Yummy Spoonfuls.

They are the first 100% USDA certified organic baby food company in the entire Southeast. They were also rated the #1 baby food above all 12 leading competitors (best taste, best overall, five stars) by a Cookie magazine panel of mothers and babies.

Nice to know for the founder, who is a mother and businesswoman. She started Yummy Spoonfuls in 2006 when she was expecting her first child.

There are three stages offered: creamy yummy, mushy yummy, and chunky yummy. I got to get a chance to taste the following frozen products this week: organic apple, organic pears, organic mango, organic carrots, organic peas and organic lentil and carrot porridge.

The verdict? Fresh! All of them taste natural and no wonder since they are produced without sugar, salt, fillers, thickeners, artificial additives and grown without chemical pesticides and growth hormones. The only one my daughter didn’t like is the organic lentil and carrot porridge (see photo below) but she is at a picky stage now anyway.

You can get buy these products in the frozen food section at places such as Whole foods markets (GA), Dean & Deluca (NY), Earth Fare, Littlebare Bottom (Wisconsin), Fiesta (Monroe LA), Green life (SC,TN) and Return 2 Eden (GA). Also click here for more places to buy. Prices vary depending on the variety you’re getting (Ex: A pack of 12 Mushy Yummy Variety Pack will cost around $45 at I know…pricey, but the shops listed are in the high end category of health food stores.

I do think these foods are great to buy when you’re traveling with your baby. Definitely check Yummy Spoonfuls out!

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