Thursday, January 18th, 2018

A Whoops Bunny Messenger Bag To Brighten Your Day


Those of you that have not heard of Whoops Bunny before will appreciate this introduction…”Anyone, anywhere in the world can experience a whoops moment – a whoops doesn’t discriminate, it unifies it all.” This is the claim from the makers and how can you disagree? Colorful Whoops Bunny has been portrayed having some of those ‘now what?’ moments.

The cute PVC and wipe clean multi-pocketed messenger bag ($29.99) featured here, shows Whoops losing her kite when the string snaps. She can also be found getting floors messy and accidentally breaking things on the other products across the range.

Boots, backpacks, rain coats and smash proof dinner ware are some of the other items available. The bold and happy images are overall very pleasant and I guess the ultimate educational goal is to make kids feel better when things go wrong. All products can be sourced directly from the Whoops Bunny online store.

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