Thursday, January 18th, 2018

For The Family: Wicked Is Better


Wicked Is Better is a new t-shirt brand that’s going to give the “Life Is Good” line some competition.

These playful clothes are for the whole family and feature Wicked Wilma and Wicked Willie. Wilma is described as a typical housewife and Willie is a blue-collar worker. Together they create mischief as they decorate the slogans of the shirts.

The look is very similar to Life Is Good and the marketing seems to be the same as well. There are hats, tanks, canvas totes, dog attire and onesies. Prices range from $20-25 for the tees.  The confusing part is the site. When you visit Wicked Is Better you’ll find that it’s hosted by That leads you to other products on that site.

Overall, the line is not my cup of tee but I can see why they want to appeal to the same sort of “Life Is Good” customer that might buy the clothes and accessories in a surf shop.

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