Friday, January 19th, 2018

New And Improved: Adiri’s Ultimate Nurser


For breastfeeding moms or others that just want to bottle feed, Adiri has improved its award-winning original Natural Nurser bottle. The new Ultimate Nurser is innovative in design, functional and BPA-free.

A little different than the Adiri’s Natural Nurser,  this bottle has a protective disk for use with bottle warmers. It also serves to protect the vent and valve. There’s also a new improved filling cap that is shorter too. The cool thing is that it turns into a snack pot.

This bottle is the closest I’ve seen to being shaped to a mother’s breast. I think a newborn will have less chance for nipple confusion with this product. The material is soft, squishy and good for baby since it is BPA-free. It comes in slow, medium, and fast flow.

If you saw Jennifer Lopez’s The Back Up Plan, The Adiri was featured in the  film. Angelina Jolie is a fan too.

Right now the new Ultimate Nurser is being packaged in the Natural Nurser box as to not to waste packaging. All orders being shipped explains why the bottle is in the old box. You can buy it at for under $15.

I totally like this product and recommend it as a baby shower gift!

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