Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Summer Style: Bugaboo’s New Seat Liner


Bugaboo have just launched their new universal seat liner which has been designed to fit all Bugaboo models. It comes in three range matching colors and has been designed to provide not only padded comfort but also is breathable. Bugaboo claim the liner will provide coolness and moisture protection in warm summer months and this has been accomplished by incorporating bamboo into the fabric. The seat liner is reversible and apparently, each side has its own set of characteristics and benefits. However, they looked pretty much the same to me.

There’s no doubt that this liner has revamped our creaky 5-year-old Gecko by providing a little more cushioning to the seat and back rest. Our two year old has already set about complementing the design by adding her own chocolate motifs! The good thing is though, it can be thrown in the wash to make it clean again.  I do think this is a nice product but the $60 price tag is a little unfair. However, if I was given this as a gift or I was a Bugaboo accessory-holic, then I’d probably be mildly to marginally pleased overall.



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