Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Summer Reading: The Book Of Potentially Catastrophic Science


The Book of Potentially Catastrophic Science is for science fans who are age 9 and up. It’s filled with 50 homemade experiments to try out at home. They’re easy to follow and fascinating to figure out how to do.

Young readers will learn about the men and women behind the discoveries as well as how their achievements benefited humankind. They will also learn how to be hands-on and work on really cool projects. You can do things like make batteries, create lightening in our mouths, build rockets, and my personal fave…how to create a microwave oven. The author Sean Connolly includes simple instructions using household items and ingredients. Check it out!

Published by Workman Publishing, the price is $13.95.


4 Responses to “Summer Reading: The Book Of Potentially Catastrophic Science”
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