Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Soothing Sleep Solutions For Newborns


When you’re a new parent, you might be a little nervous about how your baby is sleeping and if they’ll be alright without you throughout the night. SootheTime is a brand that has developed a bedding line called zzzTime for babies. I’m focusing on two of their products today.

The Snooze Wrap Plus is an adjustable wrap crafted from 100% cotton knit fabric. It’s ideal for newborns and those up to 3-months old. It features a Cradle Support Pad that runs under the child’s head and body (I think a plus!) and a wrap that provides tummy support to ease colic and provide security. It’s designed for babies who want to keep their arms in or out. Overall, a nice product but won’t last long obviously. Also, my two kids never stayed in their wraps as they were really wriggly.

What I really recommend are sleep sacks and The Snooze Sack is no exception. It promotes safe sleep without the dangers of loose blankets. This sack ensures that baby will stay covered and cozy. It features Comfort Vents to provide air flow and release heat. There’s also a Bottom Up Zipper for changing (also a plus!) These sacks will fit babies up to 3 months, and I think well worth having if you want to prevent SIDS.

Both are priced at $19.99 and are sold exclusively at Babies ‘R Us.


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  1. bryansmith says:

    Snooze Wrap is amazing. It is very safe for small babies.