Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Mama Mio’s Bikini Confidence Travel Kit


Hey moms, this is for you! Mama Mio recently launched their Bikini Confidence Travel Kit ($39) and I love it! Inside the little reusable pouch are 3 small tubes of some of their most popular products: Get Waisted, Shrink To Fit, and Boob Tube. These lotions smell and feel nice on the skin as well as make you feel pampered.

While the Get Waisted is for helping to firm and tighten the tummy, the Boob Tube is to get the bust and neck firmer. The third product, Shrink To Fit, is a cellulite cream (don’t we all need that!) I can’t say these are miracle creams but they do make the skin look smoother. The company also sells pregnancy and stretch mark skincare products.

Mama Mio is also running a campaign for Look Good…Feel Better, a cancer support charity. They will donate $1 for every bottle of Get Waisted sold.


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