Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Let The Drawings Do The Talking In Kids Make It Better


If you want your child to think about a situation, whether big or small, Kids Make It Better is a write-in, draw-in journal that makes problem solving fun. Suited for the age 6 to 10 set, Kids Make It Better lets readers write a mission statement as well as draw how they would fix a particular problem.

Questions vary with a range of topics like how Americans can exercise more, how to become less shy and how to stop someone from biting their nails. The writer, Suzy Becker, even includes quotes from children she interviewed next to the spaces ready to be drawn in. All I know is get ready for some crazy answers from your kids!

This book does not shout the “let’s save the world campaign mantra”.  Instead, I see it as more a fun activity book that will have you explain some things happening in our world today. The charming illustrations help and won’t make talking about homelessness such a scary issue.

Published by Workman, this paperback is $8.95.

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