Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Book Review: Little Kids Big City


Our book review this week is Little Kids: Big City, written by Real Housewives of NYC reality stars Alex McCord and her husband Simon van Kempen.

Actually, the title is much longer with Tales from a Real House in New York City With Lessons On Life And Love For Your Own Concrete Jungle added on the cover (whew!)

The title does reflect this book. The couple share their personal experiences with meeting, falling in love and raising two boys in Brooklyn. It’s an easy read and at times humorous. If you’re not a parent, you will not understand the stories. For example, in the chapter Don’t Listen to the Well-Meaning Morons, there’s a particular quote where a woman couldn’t believe Alex was taking her 13-day-old baby on a plane and asked what kind of parent was she. As a mother, I can relate to these types of comments.

This book is not conventional. It’s actually very honest with Alex mentioning she drank wine and champagne while pregnant. That’s not something I did, but hey…that was her story. I did take away two tips from the book that I will follow. They are…using chicken stock to boil pasta for the kids’ meals and bringing flash cards to restaurants to keep them entertained.

Alex and Simon have been criticized for the raising of their two boys but now that I have read Little Kids: Big City, it’s given me a glimpse of their lives and their opinions and having read what they had to say, I do respect them as parents. Let’s face it…it’s hard raising small children!

Published by Sterling & Ross Publishers, it’s $14.95 and available at

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