Friday, December 15th, 2017

Apps For Kids: ABC By Paul McDougall


I’ve been looking for apps to download for the upcoming road trip with the kids and I know ABC by Paul McDougall is one I’m keeping on my iTouch. It’s an e-book featuring colorful and quirky characters representing each letter, making it fun for a child to learn their ABC’s.

Here are a few examples of the text:

L is for Laura, who lives in a lemon, C is for Chelsea, the charming young carrot, and I is for Iggy, who’s full of ice cream.

I think this app is engaging enough to hold a child’s attention and I do recommend it for preschoolers. For those who want an actual book, yes there’s that version as well! The author is putting his book and app to good cause as his goal is to raise funds so he can donate copies of the printed book to children’s hospitals. So encourage reading and buy it at itunes!

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