Saturday, January 20th, 2018

These Soft Dolls From Haba Are Pretty Darn Cute


We had been searching for a soft doll for our 20-month-old for a long time. The dolls we found seemed to be just too plain and ugly and of marginal quality. We were delighted to be sent beautiful Paola from German toy maker Haba.

She is 15″ tall and has been exceptionally made. She has a giant smile on her pretty face and her long, soft brown hair is held in place with a removable hairband. Her shoes, attractive pink coat and necklace can also be taken off. She has been superbly stitched together from bright and colorful heavy weight materials which should ensure this doll will last a lifetime.

Paola is from the large range of dolls in Haba’s collection and I’m sure they’ll have one that’s just right for your little girl. I found Paola online for $36 at When considering the quality of this doll, I really don’t think this is huge price to pay for your little girl’s new special friend.

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